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Waarom Stephen Fry een held is

Dit is Stephen Fry met mij op een (bewerkte :-)) foto uit Helden nr 53.

Waarom Stephen een held is lees je in de tekst op de foto maar ik vertaal hem hier want ik hoop de Stephen wil reageren

Maarten Ducrot (Former pro-cyclist, cycling commentator Dutch Television, psychologist, running his own company) ABOUT HIS HERO STEPHEN FRY

“We know Stephen Fry from the BBC program A bit of Fry & Laurie; wonderful, cool British humor. Since then he has also written impressive books and made documentaries. Now I often come across him on the internet in political and social discussions, which in his eyes degenerate into infantile ‘opinion pooping’. He says we need to think more and better. Not just about our own claims, but especially in listening to those of others, instead of immediately dispose of them as garbage. The art of debating is necessary to investigate opposing opinions, to get everything negotiable and to jointly develop a different perspective. You can if you are free to say what you think.

And that is precisely what is now hampered by the right-wing assumed aggression on the one hand and the politically correct thought police on the other. In this era like-minded people huddle in a group, sing songs to each other but remain separate from other groups, instead of debating them. And so, in the 21st century, we are back in the midst of a new iconoclasm and fierce crusades.

Stephen Fry is both gay and manic depressive and has Jewish blood; pre-eminently part of a minority. And it is him who argues for “say what you think and thereby take your responsibility as an individual by connecting with the other and listening to what they have to say”. Because only individuals make a better world. Tribal war doesn’t do just that. And because of that position, he is often placed in the conservative "old right" corner, whereas his plea is non political and about all humanity.

Fascinating man; I would like to hear from him what can be done, i.e. what I can do to help restore love, peace and understanding (©NickLowe). That would be a good conversation, with humor too. You know what? I'm going to send him this picture. Hopefully he will respond and such a conversation will also arise. ” Wordt vervolgd

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